• The Thomas Meagher Bar (map)
  • 130 W Pine St.
  • Missoula
  • United States

Community Monday's at the Thomas Meagher Bar!

Here at the Thomas Meagher Bar, we want to take one night each week to give back to our wonderful community.  Every Monday evening will be an opportunity to bring us together and give back to others.  We will be donating 20% of our sales to local charities, sports teams, school, school club, or local benefit!

If your are interested, sign up your group at meagherbarcares@gmail.comand you will be contacted to set up your event with a selected date.  The week leading up to your event, the Thomas Meagher Bar will promote your cause.  Let's have fun raising money!

-Thomas Meagher Bar will donate 20% of all sales from 6PM until close to your charity or group!